Hydra Asset Protection System Introduced at ISC West


Integrated Security Corp introduced Hydra Asset Protection System at ISC West 2014 held in the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. (www.isc-hydra.com)

ISC West 2014 Boooth

More than 26000 people from the security industry attended this year’s event and we drew our share of highly interested visitors to our exhibit.

Making use of every bit or our space we showed both the industry leading Infinity 2020 and the unique new Hydra Asset Protection System.

Hydra sensors incorporate both an accelerometer to detect fence movement and a passive infrared sensor to detect the body heat of a person near the fence.  Unless both detect an event, no alarm is generated.  This means wind alone will not cause an alarm, allowing Hydra to eliminate the biggest problem for fence mounted systems.

Hydra Sensor rendering




The Hydra dual technology sensor