Intrusion Detection for Long Perimeters


Many of the locations that use the Infinity 2020 intrusion detection system are very large. Airports and refineries for example can have perimeters that are many miles long. How do we deal with perimeters that long which may require hundreds of alarm zones?



Airport zone layout 650p

We install multiple linked Vision Boards, the brains of Infinity 2020. If the security control center is centrally located at the site, we might choose to install all of our electronics there and run insensitive "lead cable" from the control room to multipl points along the fence through conduit.

Star Configuration 625p

At very large sites however this approach may not work well. The design that has become more common is to install sets of our electronics at multiple points, 4,000 feet to 5,000 feet apart, along the perimeter and link them to to each other and the security center over fiber optic cable. Since cameras are often installed and communicating over the same network, there is usually no extra infrastructure to put in place.

We offer a choice of single or multi-mode transceivers built into our Vision Boards.

Vision Board w Fiber Transceivers Highlighted in Yellow

Vision Board w Fiber Transceivers Highlighted in Yellow

A computer running our software at the Security Center communicates with each of the IP addressable Vision Boards over the fiber network for alarm reporting and sensitivity adjustments. The elements of a perimeter system configured this way are:

Advanced Connectivity 625p


Since our boards have Internet Protocol ("IP") addresses, they can be segregated into the own subnets to increase security and reduce network congestion if other devices such as cameras are also communicating.

It is desirable to see both the entire perimeter and a narrower view more specific to the location of an alarm. We start with an image of the entlre site.


System Demonstration - full site


The region where the alarm has occurred shows in red. The security officer can then "drill down" to see a detailed view of the region showing the exact zone in alarm.


System Demonstration - drill down


The end result is seamless integration of potentially hundreds of zones spanning many miles of fence line providing a true "First Line of Defense".