Digital Microwave Management and Integration


Integration with Other Systems

Each receiver head has a relay contact for alarm reporting and an RS-485 connection. The RS-485 connection can be connected to an IB-System Rack which closes alarm relays to an external alarm panel.  The RS-485 data can also be passed through to a computer running MW Manager software.           

MW Manager Software

The MW Manager software suite is used to commission and fine tune the microwave sensors through an RS-485 connection.  Using MW Manager it is possible to display the received signals shape and form.    A technician can see the performance of each connected sensor pair and make sensitivity changes, as well as monitor (optional) battery voltage levels, detected signal voltages, temperature and automatic gain control (AGC) voltage in real time.  He can also download the last 100 signal events and the last 256 alarm events stored in each sensors non-volatile memory.  The tech can then modify operating parameters as appropriate.

With commonly available communication links, the two-way RS-485 signal can be transmitted to a security center anywhere in the world.