Infinity 2020 Perimeter Security System Components


Infinity 2020 System Components

We believe that a quality system begins with quality components.  Below are our system components. 

Sensor Cable

sensor on cable for web

Our sensor cable is designed to give you years of maintenance-free service.  The cable itself is direct burial, and UV resistant with irradiated inner zone wires for strength and lower possibility of interference.  The sensor is attached to a Teflon-coated inner connector.



The sensor is pre-assembled prior to shipment.  The body is made with the highest quality fiberglass reinforced plastic.  The inside components are gold plated to military specifications insuring a non-corrosive highly sensitive mechanism.  It is sealed with electrical grade adhesive that was tested by NASA for moisture resistance and strain relief. Sensor body before assembly 240x180


Quality Control S-10

All of our sensor cable is first tested by the manufacturer and tested both before assembly of the sensor to the cable and then again after the manufacturing process.  We give each roll of cable factory run-time before shipment.


Vision Board

The 16 zone Vision Board monitors the Infinity 2020 system, analyzing signals sent by the sensors and weather station to precisely detect intruders and minimize false alarms. Our IP addressable Vision Board is Ethernet ready with optional on-board fiber transceivers and cell phone reporting for all your communication needs. For larger perimeters each board is easily configurable to work with other Vision Boards. There is a maintenance display with real-time zone voltage, zone calibration mode, and hardware address, making setup, testing and servicing simple.

ISC-VB Vision Board

Sensor Interface Board

ISC-SI Interface Board

The high density, 16 zone Sensor Interface Board accepts the sensor line inputs from the field and passes these signals to the Vision Board. This provides isolation and protection to the Vision Board from lightning and other transients with fieldreplaceable fuses and DC surge suppression. Block and DIN-rail mounting allow clear and easy access for termination of incoming wires. DIP switches simulate field termination resistors for unused inputs, saving installation time.


Relay Output Board

With a sets of robust contacts (SPDT) per zone and LED indicators for active alarm relays, the Relay Output Board provides integration with other security systems. The addition of a daughter card makes outputs available in a central location, putting your contacts where you need them. ISC-RO Relay Output Board


Together, the Vision Board, Sensor Interface Board and Relay Output Board make the Infinity 2020 the most modern, user-friendly electronic perimeter system in the industry


Weather Station

The ISC Infinity 2020 perimeter intrusion detection system utilizes a WX-2020 weather station. This fully integrated monitoring sub-system detects environmental changes resulting from wind and precipitation and supplies the necessary data to the system processor. Based on this continuously updated flow of information, the processor constantly adjusts sensor operation parameters to eliminate the generation of environmentally induced false alarms. Consequently, weather induced false alarms are all but eliminated as the system automatically compensates for environmental disturbances. An anemometer indicates wind speed, while an optical sensor for quantifying the effect of precipitation intensity on the fence sensor sends complex weather data to the system processor




Our processor contains the system electronics including our Vision, Sensor-Interface board and Relay boards.  Each is made to order, allowing for customization to your specific needs.

DTW AIRPORT NORTH 492 processor


Control Software

The Infinity 2020 system offers two types of software – a customized complete head-end or maintenance software to use with other control software.

When using our head-end, we provide precise and accurate graphics that are second to none.  Security can be set for individual users to have separate access to functions such as sensitivity settings. In addition, all system communications are encrypted with an implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard (FIPS PUB 197).

There are a number of history reports that can be generated including alarms by zone for a range of dates.

The system administrator can easily disarm zones, such as a gate that is occasionally opened.  If that gate is always open during the day, the system calendar can be used to automatically disarm it during the hours it is open, and then rearm it at the time is supposed to be locked for the night.  

Sensitivity can be adjusted for local conditions.  Some zones may contain very rigid fence, while others may be loose.  You don’t have to live with one size fits all.

Click here to see some screen shots.

Our maintenance software offers much of the same functionality.  Since the Infinity system is set and forget, it will be used very infrequently.

Other Components

Lead cable, junction boxes and tie wraps are also part of our system.  We typically use nylon UV resistant tie wraps but also offer stainless steel.