Our Services


When it comes to perimeter security system, Integrated Security can offer a variety of services to fit your needs, whether you are an end-user or an integrator.   Since perimeter security is a specialty, we can guide you throughout your project to insure successful completion.  Our service and support personnel are ready and able to assist you at each phase of your project.


The design is the foundation for a successful project.  We work side-by-side with you to design a total perimeter security solution.  Our design team can work from your drawings, satellite images or from our Estimating form

Integrator Training and Commissioning

The beauty of our Infinity 2020 lies in its operational and installation simplicity while offering optimal performance.  A system this easy to learn and install keep your expenses low.  We also understand that there is nothing worse than making warrantee service calls.  Since our system is “set it and forget it”, these are virtually eliminated.

Generally we can train an integrator’s installation staff with 3 days on-site training.   This will include installation of the processor, weather station and a section of sensor cable.   In some cases, even this level of training is not necessary.  If you have an experienced team, our manuals and phone support may be all you need.  We also offer off-site training either at your facility or ours. 

At the end of a project, we will commission and train your customer’s staff on the Infinity 2020 system.


Customers and integrators alike often want a turn-key installation of our perimeter systems.  We have an on-staff installation staff to handle these installations.  All of our work is fully guaranteed and our staff will complete the installation quickly to minimize any disruptions to your operations.

After-Sales Support

We expect our Infinity 2020 system to give you or your customer years of trouble-free operation and stand behind our product.   If there is every a problem, we will be there to make sure that it is corrected.  Many times, we can work directly with the customer to solve the problem over the phone.