More... Infinity 2020 Perimeter Security System Components    

Infinity 2020 System Components We believe that a quality system begins with quality components.  Below are our system components. Sensor…

More... Real Time Weather Information    

Infinity 2020 automatically adjusts for actual wind and rain conditions. We don't guess.

More... Customers    

Here is a small sample of our customers

More... Weak Fences    

Infinity 2020 will run on very poor fencing.  You  aren't required to improve the fence to use our system.

More... Barbed Wire    

We can run on barbed wire.

More... Electrical Disturbance    

Infinity 2020 works in high electrical transient environments

More... Digital Microwaves    

Digital Microwave Sensors

More... Slide Gate    

Infinity 2020 systems work on slide gates too!  No additional sensors are needed.

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About Us

Integrated Security Corp is dedicated to providing the most reliable perimeter protection systems anywhere to protect your critical locations.

Located in Michigan, USA near Detroit, we manufacture the Infinity 2020, the premier fence mounted intrusion detection system.   Since 1987, our fence mounted systems have been protecting some of the most sensitive sites in the United States.

In addition, we offer the Cias digital microwave sensors whose performance far exceeds traditional analog style microwaves.  We also serve as the North American warranty center for these sensors.

Integrated Security does more than supply equipment.  We also provide system design, installation and training.

Our Infinity 2020 has proven so reliable that we were the first in the industry to offer a 3 year warranty.

Georgia Power


Georgia on My Mind

Georgia Power has installed a Hydra Asset Protection System around the entire perimeter of a 5,000 foot power transmission sub-station outside of Atlanta, GA.  Hydra passed a multi-month field test with flying colors before Georgia Power committed to installing Hydra at this major site.

Hydra Patent Awarded


On April 29, 2014, Integrated Security Corporation was awarded U.S. Patent 8710983 for the Hydra Intelligent Sensor Network. ISC Engineering Manager, Bernard Malkowski spearheaded the design of the Hydra system. The innovative engineering of the system allows mainstream security customers access to highly reliable and affordable perimeter and outdoor asset protection. Hydra’s breakthrough design offers:

  • Two independent sensing technologies in each sensor
  • Improved detection of intruders
  • False alarms to near zero
  • Wireless Mesh Network
  • Easy and low-cost installation compared to other systems

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Hydra Asset Protection System Introduced at ISC West


Integrated Security Corp introduced Hydra Asset Protection System at ISC West 2014 held in the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. (

ISC West 2014 Boooth

More than 26000 people from the security industry attended this year’s event and we drew our share of highly interested visitors to our exhibit.

Making use of every bit or our space we showed both the industry leading Infinity 2020 and the unique new Hydra Asset Protection System.

Hydra sensors incorporate both an accelerometer to detect fence movement and a passive infrared sensor to detect the body heat of a person near the fence.  Unless both detect an event, no alarm is generated.  This means wind alone will not cause an alarm, allowing Hydra to eliminate the biggest problem for fence mounted systems.

Hydra Sensor rendering




The Hydra dual technology sensor

Product Overview

Integrated Security perimeter intrusion detection systems have been providing industry leading performance for over twenty years.  They will exceed your expectations of how a perimeter system should operate.  Not only will you get unsurpassed probability of detection but the lowest possible incidence of nuisance alarms. 

Our equipment is designed for outdoor use under adverse weather conditions.  In fact the Infinity systems are currently operating in Alaska where temperatures reach -55F and has been installed in the Middle East where it reaches 120F.